June Update

Fathers’ Day: Today we honour the fatherly figures in our lives. Those who are constantly there to guide and support us on our journey through life, encourage us to pursue our dreams and aspirations, motivate us to return to Our Father and His Church. Let us use this opportunity to acknowledge and reflect on all the people in our lives who have “fathered” us in various ways, especially those who have introduced us to Jesus and welcomed us into the church.

Patronal Festival: Thank you to everyone who have made last Sunday’s parish lunch such a success.
Church Volunteers: As advertised last week, there are four sheets at the back of church for sidespeople, readers, church cleaners and tea/coffee monitors. We need more volunteers to take on some of these jobs, so please add your names to the list.

Betty’s marmalade: Fresh batch of marmalade at the back of the church. Thank you Betty for your hard work!

Saturday coffee morning: Thank you to everyone who is supporting the coffee mornings. The weather is slowly getting better so please make an effort to join us on Saturday morning.